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4 Year-Old Island Restores Vision

4 Year-Old Island Restores Vision

At the age of 7 months, 4-year-old Zümra Ada Altay underwent an operation due to congenital cataract in her right eye. Dr. Göktuğ Seymenoğlu and his team regained health with the operation.

Assoc. Dr. Göktuğ Seymenoğlu said, ken The patient underwent surgery for congenital cataract at the age of 7 months. However, since the lens could not be placed at that age, a contact lens was recommended for his right eye. However, this contact lens constantly falls and disappears from the eye of our patient and could not be used efficiently. Our patient did not see the eye as he did not wear contact lenses and lazy eye occured.

When the patient came to us, we found that intraocular lens treatment was appropriate. In the operation performed under general anesthesia, posterior chamber intraocular lens with scleral fixation was placed in the right eye of our patient and she was regained to see again after 4 years. I and my team are very happy that a small child regains his sight..

Zümra Ada Altay’s parents said, “Our daughter’s contact lens was constantly disappearing. After a while, he stopped seeing. Dr. Göktuğ Bey and her daughter began to see the operation by the team again. Dr. To Mr. Göktuğ, We thank Mr. Ömer and all hospital staff for their interest. ”

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