Letter of Appreciation from our Patient

Letter of Appreciation from our Patient

Dear Karşıyaka Eye Hospital Management,

My name is Gül Günbaş, I live in Ankara. My eye doctor in Ankara had worn a lens because of a retinal tear in my left eye about 9 months ago. The day I came to see my daughter living in İzmir, unfortunately, this pain in my eyes has never occurred in my life. My doctor in Ankara asked me not to interfere with any doctor except my eye because it was a special eye, but I hesitated to make an appointment with Mrs. Esin because my pain reached an unbearable level.

Açıkça söylemeliyim ki Ankara’daki doktorumdan başka hiçbir dokrora kendimi emanet edemeyeceğimi düşünüyordum ancak hastanenizde tedavi gördükten sonra ne kadar önyargılı olduğumu anladım. Esin Hanım mucize bir doktor, hayatım boyunca böyle güleryüzlü, her soruma tatminlar cevap veren, hem uzmanlığı hem de insanlığı bu kadar eşsiz olan, hastasına bu denli güven veren bir doktor görmemiştim.

I have to say clearly that I thought I could not entrust myself to any doctor except my doctor in Ankara, but after receiving treatment at your hospital, I realized how prejudiced I was. Mrs. Esin is a miracle doctor, I have never seen such a smiling, satisfying answer to my every question, and being so unique in her expertise and humanity.

In addition; From male and female nurses to safety, from friends who bring food to cleaning staff, attention, relevance, compassion, compassion nest thank you very much to our hospital and send my respects and greetings.

Gül Günbaş

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