What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy for the first time in 1952. It is a medical treatment for beauty purposes developed by Michael Pistor. Mesotherapy treatment is the injection of special drugs under the skin with the help of a mesotherapy needle. Mesotherapy is generally used for aesthetic purposes but also for therapeutic purposes.

Who can apply Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy can be applied easily to all women over a certain age in men.

What are the Uses of Mesotherapy?

Hair loss: Hair loss prevention is also used as a supportive in hair treatment. Hair loss, ie alopecia, is the regional reduction or complete disappearance of hair. Looking at how it is applied to the hair, vitamins, microelements and nutrient enzymes are injected under the skin with a syringe with the help of special needles. In this way, the hair follicles reach oxygen directly and vitamins that we need to take so that the hair becomes stronger, the breakage decreases and the hair problems are relatively solved by mesotherapy without the need for hair transplantation.

Cellulite Treatment

It is used in the treatment of cellulites that occur in some parts of the body. Mesotherapy is used for regional lubrication, cellulite treatment and to prevent hair loss. Cellulite treatments last between 4-10 weeks. Substances injected under the skin regulate blood circulation and eliminate the wavy appearance of the skin. Regionally applied mesotherapy is an alternative solution for abdominal, arm and waist regions.

Skin Treatment

It is used in cases where skin tissues require treatment. Skin mesotherapy also removes sun deformations, sagging, wrinkles due to sun, stress and environmental factors and provides a more vivid, youthful and firmer appearance.

After Mesotherapy Treatment

As with all medical treatments, it is necessary to pay attention to some points in order to give good results after the mesotherapy treatment. After mesotherapy treatment, bruises can usually occur at the site of application. The bruises that occur are small and pass spontaneously within a few days. After one week of mesotherapy treatment, the sea and water should never be entered. During this period, the sun should be protected, solarium should not be taken for a week. Suitable sunscreen can be used. Do not apply concealer (foundation etc.) to the treatment area.

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