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‘Gel Implant’ method in glaucoma treatment

The most recent development in glaucoma surgery is minimally invasive glaucoma surgery. This means that, unlike conventional methods, minimal trauma and minimal dissection of the eye tissues without incision or through a very small incision. Gel implants, which have recently begun to be applied in our country, have become popular in US and European countries due to their advantages. The collagen-derived gel implant is approximately one hair strand thick. This soft gel implant is placed in the eye through a very small incision which closes in the cornea by means of a special syringe. The duration of the operation is approximately 15 minutes and the day of application is unity and standing; The safety profile is high. Unlike other glaucoma surgeries, sutures, etc. are not used and recovery is much faster. It is especially preferred when glaucoma drops are not sufficient or cannot be tolerated due to side effects. If necessary, it is possible to insert the gel implant into the eye with cataract surgery (in the same session). ”

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