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Responsibilities Of Patients And Their Relevant

In order to get the best service in Private Karşıyaka Eye Hospital, you and your relatives should know that you have responsibilities as well as your rights.

Your Responsibility

General Responsibilities:

People should do their best to take care of their health. It should be taken into consideration that our hospital staff provide 24-hour service. The person can give blood or donate organs if appropriate. In simple cases one should take care of himself / herself.

Social security status:

The patient has to report in a timely manner the changes in his / her social security and personal information. When the patient came to the examination; must have his identity with him.

Health employee’s information:

The patient should give full information about his / her complaints and medications, interventions, allergies and health.

Adherence to hospital rules:

The patient must obey the rules and practices of the health institution he / she applies. The patient must comply with the referral chain specified by the Ministry of Health and other social security institutions. If the patient benefits from a health facility providing appointments; date and time of appointment. Our patients; respect the rights of hospital staff, other patients and visitors. The patient must cover the damage to the hospital equipment. It should not contain flammable, combustible, flammable substances or use electrical appliances except for medical requirements and where permitted by the hospital administration (shaver, etc.). Hospital; visitor policy and other rules (physical or verbal attacks, smoking, alcohol or other prohibited substances, carrying anything that may be a weapon). Adherence to treatment recommendations: The patient should carefully examine treatment and drug recommendations should be asked. The patient may refuse treatment or make recommendations. is responsible for the consequences of non-compliance.


Private Karşıyaka Eye Hospital provides you with the rights described below. Health professionals and other employees are aware of your rights and offer you respectful service


Private Karşıyaka Eye Hospital provides you with the best possible treatment and service.

Here you as a patient; 1) General use of service: You have the right to receive services regardless of race, language, religion and sect, gender, philosophical belief, economic and social situations.

2) Information and requesting information: You have the right to learn about all kinds of health services and facilities and to request any information about your health status orally or in writing.

3) Privacy: You have the right to receive all kinds of health services in a confidential environment.

4) Refusal, suspension and consent: You have the right to refuse treatment, to ask for it to be stopped, to obtain consent for medical intervention and to benefit from the service within the framework of consent.

5) Selecting and changing the health institution and personnel: You have the right to choose and change the health institution within the scope of the facilities and to benefit from the health service provided in the health facility chosen, to learn the identities, duties and titles of the physicians and other health care providers who will provide health services.

6) Security: You have the right to receive health services in a safe environment.

7) Fulfillment of religious obligations: You have the right to fulfill your religious obligations in accordance with the measures taken by the administration and within the scope of the facilities of the health facility.

8) Respect for human values: respectability and comfort; You have the right to receive a health service that has been provided with all kinds of hygienic conditions in a friendly, polite, compassionate environment with respect and care, all noisy and disturbing factors have been removed.

9) Visiting and having companions: You have the right to accept visitors within the framework of the procedures and principles determined by the health facilities, and to have companions within the scope of the legislation and health facilities and if the physician deems appropriate.

10) Application. Right to Complaint and Litigation: In case of violation of rights, you have the right to exercise any right of application, complaint and litigation under the legislation.