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Chemical Peeling (TCA)

It is possible to create a more vivid, shiny and smooth skin with chemical peeling treatment. In just minutes.

As the cell regeneration in the epidermis, which is the top layer of the skin, gradually decreases with age, dead skin cells begin to accumulate on the skin surface. This causes the skin to look dull, dull and lifeless, while brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles appear. One of the most effective methods to eliminate fine wrinkles and discoloration of the skin is chemical peeling treatments. Gently exfoliating peeling treatments enhance collagen production and make the skin look smoother, brighter and younger. Fine lines are reduced, deep wrinkles and pigment spots appear. The process, which is used to revitalize dull and lifeless skin, to correct the tone differences that give the skin an old appearance, to lighten fine lines and to give the skin a velvety texture, is based on the principle of controlled and superficial peeling of the upper layer of the skin. During the treatment, a solution is applied to the face to peel off the dead skin deposited in the upper layer of the skin. Thus, the worn, lost freshness and brightness layer of the skin is destroyed in a controlled manner. The chemical peeling process, which triggers a process of skin reconstruction, also helps the skin begin to produce more collagen. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (glycolic, lactic and fruit acids), which are known as AHA, are preferred in chemical peeling treatment. The most important feature of this exfoliating treatment with natural acids derived from foods such as fruit, sugarcane and milk is that they do not have any side effects other than a slight redness that lasts within a few hours and therefore they do not remove the patient from social life. TCA (trichloroacetic acid) medium depth, phenol (carbolic acid) with deeper peeling is done, these treatment methods are different and require a long recovery process after the procedure.

Questions and Answers on Your Mind About Chemical Peeling

Who can benefit from exfoliation?

Anyone who wants more vivid, brighter and smoother skin can benefit from chemical peeling treatment. This treatment;
  • Fine lines around detention and lips
  • Facial sun and aging due to the reduction of wrinkles
  • Taking control of acne problem
  • Relieving acne scars and enlarged pores
  • Sunspots, age spots, freckles, birth control pills or pregnancy-related brown spots
  • Creates a fresher and younger look in delicate areas such as décolleté and hand
  • It is effective in removing the dull and lifeless appearance of the skin.

What is the mechanism of action?

A superficial peel on the top layer of the skin triggers the skin’s self-renewal mechanisms. The key to skin rejuvenation is to create a controlled trauma to the skin. In chemical peels, this effect is created by peeling the skin. Thus, the skin starts to produce more collagen and elastin by activating self-healing mechanisms. In addition, the skin surface is removed from dead skin with a healthier, brighter skin from the bottom. Combining these two mechanisms of action, chemical peeling creates a noticeable improvement in skin quality.

What is chemical peeling?

Peeling treatment is a very comfortable and short-term procedure. After cleansing the skin, exfoliating solution is applied to the face. After the solution has been allowed to stand for a period of time, a formula is applied to the face to neutralize the solution. The treatment ends with the application of a soothing cream followed by a sunscreen.

How many sessions are required?

The treatment protocol varies according to the skin type and skin problems, but an average of 4 sessions is recommended. Sessions are done at 7-10 days intervals. The strength of the exfoliating solution used is determined according to the needs of the patient.

Can I return to my social life after the procedure?

Yeah. You can return to your normal life immediately after treatment. After the procedure, you should support your treatment with a sunscreen recommended by your doctor. It is very important that you develop an effective sun protection routine during this period as the skin will become sensitive.

Can I get the result I want with chemical peeling in the treatment of blemishes?

Stain treatment is a complex treatment, but the first choice should always be chemical peels. Especially for superficial stains, chemical peeling treatment gives very successful results. Peeling treatment can be supported by laser technology in cases where the stain problem persists.