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Lasek Laser Surgery

Lasek (Laser Epitelyal Keratomileusis)

LASEK or PRK technique describes the classical laser treatment. It is preferred in patients whose thin cornea is not suitable for LASIK or whose corneal surface topography is not smooth. Although this technology was the first to be used 25 years ago, it is still preferred in many of our cases because of the successful results obtained over many years. In this technique, the epithelium at the top of the cornea is stripped and laser is applied to the top surface of the cornea. Pain and watering occur for the first 6-12 hours after laser application. All patients treated with Lasek during the first 3 days should rest. It takes between 3 and 5 days for our patients to return to their normal lives after Lasek. Lasek is a very good alternative in cases where the laser technique cannot be applied even though the healing is painful.