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Night Blindness – Chicken Black

Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) is a disease of a photoreceptor cell population called rod cells that allows visualization in the retina. The disease starts at the age of 20 and progresses gradually. The most important complaint of the patients is night blindness. In dimly lit environments, patients may hit and fall to the ground. The patient has difficulty in moving from light to dark. Other than that, light flashes are sometimes observed.

The most important diagnostic methods are ERG (Electroretinography) and Visual Field Test. Unfortunately, there is no way to stop or treat the disease. Daily high-dose vitamin A intake is thought to be beneficial in reducing the course of the disease. Patients with visual impairment may be given glasses with auxiliary magnifying glasses. Although there are ongoing studies on the treatment of retinitis pigmentosan, they are not beyond the scope of the research. Gene therapies or chip implantation in the retina will give a good hope for these patients in terms of their quality of life.