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Pterygium which is called as “popular meat growth arasında among the people is very common in our country. The white layer of the eye (sclera) that covers the membrane called the conjunctiva begins with thickening and excessive vascularization, the eye’s transparent layer (cornea) occurs on the progression. It is usually seen on the inside of the eye near the nose. It causes nonspecific complaints such as burning, stinging and itching. If it continues to progress, it causes astigmatism and blurred vision. If it progresses far enough to cover the pupil, it causes permanent visual disturbances.
Pterygium is often seen in the sun exposed to UV rays and dusty-dry environments. The risk is increased in those who have family members with these diseases.

Pterygium treatment is surgical. It is not enough to remove the pterygium from the cornea, which is the salami layer of the eye. Limbal stem cell transplantation, ie graft closure, is required to reduce the recurrence rate. This graft is formed from the conjunctival tissue, usually under the upper eyelid of the same eye, and placed in the pterygium area with soluble sutures or tissue adhesives.