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Sun Spot Treatment

Laser Spot Treatment

Do You Know That Sun Spots, Aging Spots And Freks Are Treated With Laser ?

Our skin contains a pigment called melanin that gives color to the skin. Skin spots are the areas where melanin is densely above normal. Abnormally high amounts of melanin accumulate in certain areas and cause skin blemishes. There is no single treatment for stain treatment. One or more methods (laser, chemical peeling, etc.) can be used in the treatment of blemishes depending on the skin structure of the person and the depth of the blemish.
  • Brown Age Spots
  • Birth Stains
  • Solar Stains
  • Seboreic Keratosis (Age Spots)
  • Milk Coffee Stains
  • Port Wine Stain
  • Melas Up
  • Stains from Injury
  • freckles
  • Nevus Types