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Eyelid Duct Obstruction in Children

The tear secreted from the tear glands first spreads to the surface of the eye, then some of it evaporates and the other part of the upper and lower eyelids in the inner part of our mouth with the mouth of the nose flows. Congestion in the tear canal causes watering and burring in the eye.

Congenital tear duct obstruction should be suspected in infants who complain of continuous burring and irrigation starting from the first month. Since the tear can not flow from the tear canal to the nose, the frequency of infection increases. Redness and swelling of the nasal root can be seen on the side of the eye which is congested.

Antibiotic drops are preferred for the regression of the infection that occurred before treatment. The massage applied in the first year is effective for regression of the duct obstruction. The vast majority of patients are treated with massage applied correctly. If the watering does not regress despite the massage applied 3 times a day, probing is performed to open the tear duct.

In the process which takes about 5-10 minutes, the tear duct is mechanically opened with the help of a metal probe. There are no scars or sutures. If the channel blockage has not regressed after the procedure, a second probing can be applied. The probing procedure does not pose a risk to the visual tissues and the eye itself.